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Membership Tiers

When you join as a member of Substrate Art Studios, you gain access to a world of creativity. 

You also gain access to all the amenities included with membership.

Join a community of artists creating in a supportive and stocked environment.

Paint Brushes


* Worktables

* Chairs/Stools

* Easels

* Cleaning Supplies

* Solvents

* Flammables Disposal

* Sinks w/ Clay Traps

* Rags

* Tarps/Drop Cloths

* Rulers

* Masking Tape

* Butcher Paper/Newsprint

* White Gesso

* Canvas Plier

* Staple Guns

* Drills/Hammers

* Safety Goggles

* Various Adhesives

* Pens/Pencils/Markers

* Wall Space for Large Canvases

* Levels/Laser Levels

* Tri-Pods

* Clamp lights

* Power Strips

* Projector

* Monitors/Laptop Hook-ups

* Charging Stations

* Printer

* Drawing Boards

* Board Clips

* Hobby Knives/Box Cutters

* Sharps Disposal

* Cutting Mats

* Mat Cutter

* Limited paint brushes

* Jars for water/solvent

* Couches

* Coffee/Water/Limited                 Beverages

*Day-of refrigeration

*Day-of Lockable                          Storage/Cubbies

* Bi-monthly Exhibitions

Art Gallery

Private Studios

Painting Class


Basic Workshops


* Monthly Critiques

* Co-lab Sessions

* Tools/Supplies Swap

* and More

Select Workshops

(Prices may vary)


* Figure Drawing/Painting

* Still Life

* Artwork Photography Sessions

* and More

Premium Workshops

Premium workshops will consist of guest instructors teaching/showcasing special techniques or topics. Prices are dependent on workshop type and instructor.


To get more information about Substrate Art Studios, sign up for the Substrate Art Studios Newsletter.​

We will keep you updated on our progress and possible events and workshops that may occur before we even open!

We look forward to building a community with you!

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